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Is physiotherapy for me?

If you have an injury then physiotherapy is for you, particularly if it is the result of an accident.
Many injuries that are not accident-related can still be treated by us.
If you have a medical condition, feel free to discuss with us whether Physiotherapy may be helpful for you too.

Do I need to see a Doctor?

No. A Doctors referral is not required to see our physiotherapists. Just make an appointment and come in and see us at one of our clinics.
If your injury is caused by an accident we can supply ACC paperwork for you to complete and we will submit this to ACC on your behalf.

What if I need x-rays?

Physiotherapists have the ability to refer patients for x-rays. We can also refer patients for ultrasound scanning if needed too.

How long will my appointment take?

An initial assessment and treatment will take 40 minutes. This is spent with the physiotherapist assessing your condition and then implementing treatment.
Follow up treatments will consist of a 20 minute treatment session with the physiotherapist.

What time are we open?

Our clinics are open from 7.00am – 6.00pm by appointment from Monday - Friday

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